My name is Connor Blankenship, an indie dev, Technical/Content Designer and Gameplay Programmer! I recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Arts and Entertainment Technologies. Games are my passion, and I love designing the intricacies of systems as well as programming them! 

Official Credits

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

I was a Game Design intern at Insomniac Games where I worked closely with all departments to help ship Spider-Man 2!

I was tasked with polishing aspects of the open world, and as a result collaborated with the design, gameplay programming, environment art, and animation departments to resolve issues for a multitude of systems.

Featured Projects

Lose yourself in the relaxing solarpunk breeze of Re:Fresh, a 3D exploration-platformer game where you play as a robot collecting materials to help repair your town after a torrential storm. Explore at your own pace in the open-ended environment and collect solar cells to upgrade your movement options, forging your own path to get the town up and running again. 

I was a systems designer and programmer on Re:Fresh, who made the solar cell and quest systems.

An underwater hack n' slash with procedurally generated weapons and randomized enemies. Your fellow bear villagers are in a food shortage and its up to you (yes you!) to explore the ocean and feed your family before winter! 

1st place winner of the 2022 Greenlight Jam!

I worked on combat design as well as programming the weapon system.

A 3D flight simulation game with mild FPS elements. Play as a totally normal bird that is definitely not working for the government as you fly around a small city scanning civilians.

I was a level designer as well as a programmer on this project, and worked on designing the system for "scanning" and identifying target NPCs.

Game Jam Projects

Check out other game jam games on my Itch!

A 2D walking sim where you are a single letter living between the pages of a loose-leaf notebook. It's hard to find the right way to the end of your story, but there are others around you to help - you just need to find them.

Winner of "Best in Show" at the Texas Game Jam 2021

A 2D, space themed pizzeria simulation game. Play as a robot programmed to make pizza on an alien space station!

Check it out on itch HERE!

Voted "Best in Show" at the UT Stop n' Swap Game Jam 2021

A cute 2D infinite runner. Run from the law as the accidental Oober driver for a band of robbers after a big heist.

Check it out on itch HERE!

AET Winter Jam Submission